Welcome to CTV Signet!

Signet Explorer: https://explorer.ctvsignet.com

Faucet: https://faucet.ctvsignet.com

CTV Signet group on Telegram.

Below is a copy/paste of Jeremy Rubin's message to bitcoin-dev mailing list:

I have been running a CTV signet for around a year and it's seen little use. Early on I had some issues syncing new nodes, but I have verified syncability to this signet using https://github.com/JeremyRubin/bitcoin/tree/checktemplateverify-signet-23.0-alpha. Please use this signet!


This should be operational. Let me know if there are any issues you experience (likely with signet itself, but CTV too).

Feel free to also email me an address and I can send you some signet coins -- if anyone is interested in running an automatic faucet I would love help with that and will send you a lot of coins.

AJ Wrote (in another thread):

> I'd much rather see some real
> third-party experimentation *somewhere* public first, and Jeremy's CTV
> signet being completely empty seems like a bad sign to me. Maybe that
> means we should tentatively merge the feature and deploy it on the
> default global signet though? Not really sure how best to get more
> real world testing; but "deploy first, test later" doesn't sit right.

I agree that real experimentation would be great, and think that merging the code (w/o activation) for signet would likely help users v.s. custom builds/parameters.

I am unsure that "learning in public" is required -- personally I do experiments on regtest regularly and on mainnet (using emulators) more occasionally. I think some of the difficulty is that for setting up signet stuff you need to wait e.g. 10 minutes for blocks and stuff, source faucet coins, etc. V.s. regtest you can make tests that run automatically. Maybe seeing more regtest RPC test samples for regtests would be a sufficient in-between?